IVG 2400 Disposable


A 4-in-1 disposable for up to 2400 puffs of vaping pleasure!

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The IVG 2400 Disposable Vape is a groundbreaking device in the UK vaping market, offering a unique quad-pod system with four separate 2ml pods prefilled with 20mg nicotine salt E-Liquid.

This innovative design allows for up to 2400 puffs, powered by a 1500mAh precharged battery.

Its easy pod rotation system enhances the convenience and variety of the vaping experience.

The device is ideal for on-the-go use or as a backup, requiring no refilling or recharging.

The setup is simple: insert the pods, align the top cap, rotate the bottom to select a flavour, and inhale.

Once depleted, the device can be responsibly recycled.


1 x IVG 2400 Vape Device

4 x 2ml Prefilled pods

Flavour List:

Banana Edition – Banana Pineapple Coconut Ice, Banana Ice, Banana Strawberry Blueberry Ice, Banana Orange Ice

Berry Edition – Berry Lemonade Ice, Blue Razz Cherry, Strawberry Raspberry Cherry, Blue Razz Pineapple

Blue Edition – Ice Pop, Professor Blue, Blue Raspberry Ice & Blueberry Fusion

Cherry Edition – Blue Razz Cherry, Fizzy Cherry, Lemon Cherry Ice, Cherry Peach Lemonade

Coffee Edition – Hazel Espresso, Coconut Coffee Cream, Velvet Vanilla Coffee, Caramel Coffee

Exotic Edition – Strawberry Banana Coconut, Pineapply Ice, Vanilla & Peach Mango Ice

Fizzy Edition – Fizzy Cherry, Fizzy Orange, Fizzy Lemon, Fizzy Cola

Fruits Edition – Blueberry, Grape, Mango, Watermelon

Juicy Edition – Orange Brew, Blueberry Cherry Cranberry, Pomegranate Pear Lemon & Strawberry Raspberry Ice

Lemon Edition – Lemon and Lime, Lemon Ice, Lemon Passionfruit Ice, Lemon Tangerine Ice

Menthol Edition – Classic Menthol, Blackcurrant Menthol, Polar Mint & Mint Burst

Mint Edition – Classic Menthol, Snow Mint, Strawberry Mint, Spearmint

Pineapple Edition – Pineapple Banana Strawberry, Pineapple Passionfruit, Pineapple Peach Mango, Pineapple Ice

Pink Edition – Watermelon Ice, Strawberry Watermelon, Strawberry Mint Menthol Mojito & Strawberry Ice

Plum Edition – Plum Blue Razz, Plum Cherry, Plum Pomegranate, Plum Raspberry

Purple Edition – Grape Ice, Blue Razz Cherry, Fizzy Cherry & Plum Blue Razz

Red Edition – Fizzy Cherry, Strawberry Watermelon Fusion, Plum Cherry & Red Apple Ice

Special Edition – Fizzy Cherry, Blue Raspberry Ice, Lemon Lime & Pineapple Ice

Strawberry Edition – Strawberry Ice, Strawberry Kiwi, Strawberry Watermelon Fusion, Strawberry Raspberry Ice

Summer Edition – Yummy Gummy, Cola Lime, Strawberry Watermelon Fusion & Blue Raspberry Ice

Tobacco Edition – 2 x Creamy Tobacco, 2 x Sweet Tobacco

Yellow Edition – Tropical Fruits, Pineapple Ice, Fresh Mint Menthol Mojito & Lemon Lime

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Banana Edition, Berry Edition, Blue Edition, Cherry Edition, Coffee Edition, Exotic Edition, Fizzy Edition, Fruits Edition, Juicy Edition, Lemon Edition, Menthol Edition, Mint Edition, Pineapple Edition, Pink Edition, Plum Edition, Purple Edition, Red Edition, Special Edition, Strawberry Edition, Summer Edition, Tobacco Edition, Yellow Edition


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