Pro Vibe CBD Distilate Vape Cart 100mg 0.5ml


High quality, vegan friendly CBD distillate vape carts with strain specific terpenes!

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Pro Vibe CBD vape carts are created using the highest quality and cleanest broad spectrum distillate on the market. Each 0.5ml cart contains a minimum of 100mg CBD (20%) plus other cannabinoids making this a true broad spectrum product with zero thc.��

These vape carts have been made with the end user in mind. These vape carts are really smooth on the chest, packed with real flavours and have a really affordable RRP of only ��16.99.

Why are Pro Vibe carts better than the rest?��

Not only do they use the cleanest, most natural distillate available but they’re also made using strain-specific terpenes. What does this mean? Well it means that the terpenes used to give the product its flavour and smell are taken directly from the cannabis strain that corresponds to the flavour. For example, if you have the Pro Vibe Gelato flavoured cart, what you’re actually vaping, tasting and smelling is the authentic Gelato flavour taken straight from the Gelato strain. Many other brands aers use ‘plant based’ terpenes. That means they all different kinds of terpenes from various other plants in order to synthetically create the Gelato taste. These Pro Vibe carts are the real deal!��

Not only that but there are only 2 ingredients, broad spectrum distillate and strain-specific terpenes. No PG, no VG, no PEG, no MCT.

Please Note: Colour of mouthpiece may vary.

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Gelato, Gorilla Glue, Pineapple Express


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